Sorry but there is no update for this weekend.

Last week I managed to get the page out along with completing Doom Eternal (which i was not all that happy with, I should get a written review of that made sometime…) which pushed things a bit tight, and not for any of the virus related madness that going on but rather a bit of general burn out so I took the weekend out and caught up on some reading away from the screen, mainly Nagata Kabis ‘My lesbian experience with loneliness’ and the follow ups ‘My solo exchange diary’ 1 & 2, allot about destructive behaviour cycles and understanding self esteem in those.


I had reached the end of my ordered run of pre-laidout strips, so I did get around to some rough pages set down for the next fifteen updated are thumb-nailed out, getting to the end of chapter 2 and the start of chapter 3 which means I need to design 3 more full tarot cards (Justice, temperance and the angel of judgment). I’ve thought to doing a paper print version at some point and said I’d wait until there were at least two complete volumes before doing so and now we’re hitting that point. I might need to return and revise some early strips as the page size increased and there’s generally a bit of tidying to do so I might dedicate some time to that in the coming weeks.


I still feel I need to get this project more widely spread, especially if I’m going to kickstarter hard copies.