The first 20 pages have been reuploaded in the new larger size! Huzzah!

I’ve tried my best to match the original styles and hide those seams along with a couple of design corrections to match the designs that had naturally evolved and a few word corrections too.

So we’ve passed the hump on this where the page canvases were 200pixels smaller then the current standard size 2200px (then reduced in size for the web upload, larger size images are archived on the patreon), that needed quite a bit of new drawing to fill in the gaps, the remaining 23 smaller frame images are at 2143px for some reasons I forgot long ago, but are mostly easier for the smaller amount to change.

I’ve upgraded a few more than what’s up here but I thought twenty is a good number to put up in one go, there will be a few more to do after the remaining drawing pages are done just to even out the text, that stayed the same font size for a while after the canvas changed, but also needs less work to alter.

Playing ‘Night in the the woods’ now for a couple of hours most nights so peek at the streams or twtich about 7-9 GMT , starting with an all Greg hangout run before doing another all Bea hangout run.

Onwards and upwards!